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The Benefits of Caffeine

Caffeine on Skin

Anti-Aging Effects: Since Caffeine contains many antioxidants, these help fights free radicals in your skin and contribute to anti-aging. Coffee has been shown to have many of the same abilities, however, this is from the caffeine itself. This effect is much more pronounced when caffeine is applied directly on the skin.

Decreases Puffiness:Β When any CAF-FIEND skincare product is applied on the skin, the caffeine will help reduce puffiness and improve circulation in the skin. This is why caffeine is a vital ingredient for under-eye puffiness and works so well. Think of the many top under-eye creams and all of them will have a caffeine component. It is important to note that results will not be long-lasting or permanent which is why we recommend using our products daily to give it the healthy boost they need.

Dissolves Fat: Research has shown that caffeine when applied topically has the ability to dissolve fat below the skin. It does so by converting the cellulites into fatty acids which then can be metabolized to energy and carbon dioxide. This being said, this does not mean that caffeinated skincare products are a way to get skinny or to lose weight since topical application of caffeine only has the ability to remove subdermal fat and not fat around inner organs.

Tighter and Smoother Skin: Think of the top cellulite creams on the market and one thing they all have in common are caffeine. This is because caffeine is the prime ingredient which helps constrict blood vessels causing the tightening of skin. It also dehydrates fat cells which in turn make the skin smoother.

Brighter Skin: When you apply a CAF-FIEND product, the caffeine will increase your blood flow to the skin. This in turn will brighten your skin due to the circulation.Β